Consulting Services

Our team of knowledgeable engineers will work with you to customize a consulting plan geared toward your unique needs.  Whether you need a pre-design survey or a forensic investigation, RGD delivers precision services at competitive rates. 

Our Services

  • 40 Year Recertification:  Structural and electrical inspections are required in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, for all buildings that are 40 years or older.   These buildings must be recertified by a Florida Registered Architect or Professional Engineer. RGD's Professional Engineers will inspect your building(s) and provide the required inspection report to the County. We can also assist in offering our engineering expertise in retrofitting your building(s) in order to comply with the provisions. 
  • Facilities Studies:  Planning to renovate your facility?  RGD can help assess whether or not your space can accommodate the proposed renovation as well as provide an estimated cost analysis. 
  • Turnover Inspection: Purchasing property can be a stressful process even more so when you discover the facility has mechanical or structural problems after the fact. A turnover inspection can save you money by evaluating the facility's systems before the turnover is complete so that you can plan for additional costs. 
  • Expert Witness: With over 35 years in the industry, RGD is more than qualified to provide comprehensive engineering analyses and expert witness services to attorneys and law firms. Our professional engineers are reliable consultants for case preparation and credible witnesses at trials. We can assist clients with a variety of legal matters related to structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering all at a competitive rate. 
  • Owner's Representation:  When having someone act as a representative on your behalf, it is important that you can trust them.  RGD's knowledgeable team can act on your behalf throughout the planning, designing and construction phases of your project.  You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of qualified professionals. 
  • Commissioning: Commissioning your facility's mechanical system's performance can reduce operating costs and improve the comfort of your occupants.  When RGD completes a project, our team always commissions our projects.

 If you or your client is in need of engineering consulting services, please Contact us today.  




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